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3 Ways Dance Positively Impacts Your Mental Health

Dance is an electric way to burn calories with ease while taking the guesswork out of forming your own routine at the gym. Not only is Dallas Dance Fitness a great adult dance workout but did you know that dancing has positive effects on your mental health? Over the years, scientists and psychologists have done extensive research that has shown that dance movement patterns can improve not only your physical body but your mental state as well.

Dance can curb your anxiety and has been found to be a natural suppressant to the disorder. The American Dance Therapy Association says that dance is the “psychotherapeutic use of movement to further the emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of the individual.” In other words, dance movement helps to reduce your anxiety because of its creative outlet which ultimately encourages a peaceful state of mind.

Dance fights against depression. There’s a reciprocal interaction between body and mind when integrated with movement. Dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins are all chemicals that are released in the brain during a dance workout and each hold their own benefits that help reduce depression.

1. Dopamine: Is released when we experience positive or pleasurable moments. Music increases dopamine levels, which is also released by spontaneous body movements—like dancing.

2. Oxytocin: is released when we physically come in contact with others or are bonding. So yes, there’s a major benefit to being around others while dancing, Social dis-dancing that is!

3. Serotonin: Helps us to feel emotional contentment and ease.

4. Endorphins: Trigger a euphoric feeling while dancing.

Dance can prevent/slow dementia: Dementia is a decline in mental abilities that interferes with your day-to-day function. Research has shown that 76% of aging adults who danced regularly were less likely to develop dementia. Choreography to music triggers memory and forces split second decision making, ultimately allowing us to have a healthier brain for the long run.

Whether you’re dancing with us in the studio, at one of our new outdoor locations or from the comfort of your own home, know that you’re making all the right strides to a healthier, happier and stronger you.


ADTA American Dance Therapy Association. Find a Dance/Movement Therapist.

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