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More Than A Dance Fitness Class

Dance is what we do but it’s not who we are. Dallas Dance Fitness comprises women who dared to dream past their youth and fulfill their love and passion for dance, regardless of age, background and demanding careers. We are business women, stay at home mothers and retired workers who find joy in every turn, grapevine and pivot executed on the dance floor.

Dance is what unites us but community is what binds us together. We built this strong community when two former dancers collaboratively joined forces to keep their love of dance thriving well after their own years of performance. What makes us unique is that there is something here in our dance family that will satisfy your hunger for movement and leave you wanting more. From lyrical, ballet, jazz and hip hop - we cover all the necessary bases to make you feel as though you belong yet equally challenged you to break out of your comfort zone. Whether you’re a first time dancer or former professional, you’ll be sure to find something that resonates with you.

But we aren’t just a group of gals who band together a few times a week to sweat, we have fun and support one another when we’re not in the studio. Together, we’ve celebrated HUGE life milestones that include engagements, weddings, babies and three of our very own dancers Hope, Cathy & Karen being promoted to grandmother! We’ve raised our cocktail glasses to toast Cathy Stafford’s fabulous 60th birthday and commemorated our very own Amy Berry as she launched her first gratitude journal The Good Life.

We make room to play, dress up in witty costumes and cozy up on our couches with our favorite adult beverage, joining one another for online happy hours during the tough and unprecedented times brought to you by COVID-19. In such unforeseen circumstances, we as a dance community have supported internal and external local artists, donating money to those who were financially impacted by the pandemic. This kind of support is one that you won’t find in a typical gym.

We each bring our flare, personalities and unique ways of seeing the world on both the dance floor and into each other's lives. From surprise home visits, recipe sharing and everything in between, you’ll be sure to find a second family in DDF. When you sign up for class for the first time, you’re not buying just a service, you’re investing in an experience that's long lasting and makes way for lifelong friendships.

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