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Reasons to try Dallas Dance Fitness

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

What comes to mind when someone says “dance class” or “dance fitness”? Maybe you’re reminded of your favorite Disney channel movie (hello High School Musical fans) or maybe you taught yourself Madonna’s dance moves by watching MTV (you Lucky Stars know who you are). Our Dallas Dance Fitness members range in age from 20-something to 60+, and they all have one of these things in common. Can you relate to one?

  • You always wanted to take dance classes but maybe lacked confidence to try it.

  • You used to dance, cheer or perform, and you miss it.

  • You have never stopped dancing and love learning new choreography.

All kinds of people take dance classes, and welcoming them is how Dallas Dance Fitness has grown from offering one class a week to a daily schedule of dance and fitness classes including:

  • Livestream Dance Fitness classes on YouTube, Mon-Fri at 10 a.m. CT

  • PiYo Stretch and Barre three days a week

  • In-studio class twice a week (space is limited)

  • On-demand class anytime via private YouTube links

Three great reasons to add dance fitness to your workout schedule

Do you need a few reasons to add dance fitness to your workouts? Our schedule gives you lots of opportunities to make our dance routines part of your weekly routine. Why do our members make a date with DDF on their calendars? One thing all of our members have in common is that every person decided to try something new. We asked them to share their reasons for dancing with DDF and hope they inspire you, too. (Watch one of our videos like Bounce Back to get in the mood.)

Reason #1: Challenge yourself.

A retired professional dancer for live concerts and events in South America, Giovanna was recovering from her third major back surgery a few years ago. Her doctor gave her the go-ahead to return to her active life, even though he said she would not be able to dance like she did.

“That was my biggest reason. I wanted to prove him wrong and prove to myself, one more time that I can do anything if I really want it,” she says. “Thinking about starting to dance or workout was terrifying. And I was introducing myself to a new group of women and didn’t know what to expect. And now I love Alana and my DDF family.”

You don’t need to be recovering from surgery or a former dancer to take the leap into a new fitness routine. The challenges we choose can change us no matter where we are when we start. So if you’re looking for one good reason to try a dance class, simply accept your challenge to yourself.

Teachers and students agree that there’s another good reason for taking dance classes, though. As longtime DDF member Hope Hochster says, “I guarantee you will walk out feeling better than when you walked in.” Which bring us to this:

Reason #2: Feel better about yourself.

DDF instructor Amy Berry thinks that Dallas Dance Fitness’ choreography is the secret. “Our classes have unique choreography, and this means everyone is focused on the routines,” she explains.

“Learning and improving each week makes people feel better about themselves, and we cheer one another on.”

“When I’m teaching a dance class, I’m very careful with my words,” Amy says. “I always use encouraging words: today is a new day, you can do this, you’re worthy.”

So maybe it’s the choreography, and maybe it’s the amazingly positive and supportive dance instructors at Dallas Dance Fitness. Whatever it takes to feel better -- music to move you or words of encouragement -- you will find it in a DDF class.

Which brings us to one more reason to add dance classes to your workout routine.

Reason #3: it’s a community.

At Dallas Dance Fitness, we’re connected by a love of movement -- not our ages, dance ability, career status or other measure. When you take livestream classes online or in the studio (at Preston Center Dance as of July 2020), you become a part of our community of dancers.

Want to meet some new people or get to know our instructors? Join the YouTube livestream about 15 minutes before a live class begins, and you can chat with instructors and other students.

If you’re in Dallas, jump into the studio for a dance break with familiar faces. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a retired Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader or a new dancer,” Hope says. “We’re all a family.”

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