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Dallas Dance Fitness Instructor Spotlight: Amy Berry

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Amy started dancing with DDF in July of 2015, and quickly embraced everything the program had to offer. You'll see her in our early YouTube videos and in all the social event pics! She became a DDF Instructor in 2017 and currently teaches on Wednesdays and Fridays. Her classes are an absolute blast and you're always sure to leave with a smile on your face. Read on for more about the fabulous Amy Berry in her own words!

Q: Where are you from originally, and when did you first start dancing? Did you dance in school, college, post-college?

A: I am originally from the small west Texas town of Graham, America! I started dancing very early. I actually broke my tibia in third grade tap dancing and goofing off in class. I danced all through high school, but not on the drill team. I was a part of Renee's Dance Factory. I did not dance in college and beyond until I hit the ripe young age of 45 and found my love for it again.

Q: Tell us about your life off the dance floor

A: I am married to my college sweetheart and man of my dreams, Trey Berry. We have 3 beautiful boys Will, JP and Graeme. I absolutely love teaching adult dance fitness and through this love I have discovered my passion and love of coaching women to wake up to their true purpose and to wake up to the idea of self care. I started a blog, Worthy Heart. From that came a journal that I self published, The GOOD Life Journal which is a journal to help someone find their way back to their true self and build on their relationship with God. I love to spend time with my family, love cooking, and really love pouring into my facebook community SOUL GOALS which is a community of women doing just that....filling up their souls.

Q: What made you decide to become a DDF instructor?

A: I decided to become an instructor because I just love dancing. I love creating. I love how for one hour you can just be present with the music, the ladies in the room, and movement and the rest of the world melts away. Being an instructor just seemed natural as I really have a passion of building others up and helping them see how special and unique they are.

Q: What are your favorite genres of music and styles of dance & why?

A: My favorite style of dance is jazz. Jazz Hands! Duh!!!!! I love the music of the 80's and I love show tunes. I'm learning to love hip hop and ballet, and Rock and Roll and Country are my jam!

Q: What are the greatest rewards you get from dance?

A: Biggest reward I get from dance is one hour of being truly present in that room. What a gift. Dance literally saved my life, hell, DDF saved my life while my mom was dying. For the last 5 years it was a huge outlet for me while taking care of my father with dementia before he died, and dealing with my husband's illness. Without dance, I am not sure I would be who I am today. I am proud of the woman I am and I owe a lot of that to this family and this opportunity. I will forever be grateful.

Q: What are some of your favorite DDF memories / moments?

A: I loved when we would go out for burgers after class. My favorite memory might be Inwood Tavern when you all discovered my love for good ole Rock and Roll. What a night that was. I also have fond memories of Lillian and I starting the Friday class and we still teach it to this day!

Thank you Amy!

A big thanks to Amy for taking the time for this article! If you'd like to check out a Dallas Dance Fitness class with Amy or any of our other wonderful DDF instructors please visit and sign up for a FREE first class!

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